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Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, and the Grand Prairies

Or, Notes by the Way, During an Excursion of Three Years, With a Description of the Countries Passed Through, Including Their Geography, Geology, Resources, Present Condition, and the Different Nations Inhabiting Them
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Rufus B. Sage
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The narrative of the Texan expedition sent against New Mexico in the spring of 1843, with its mishaps, and conflicts with the Mexicans and Tu dians, added to a statement of its surrender to the U. S. Dragoons, and the causes which led to its final dispersion, will doubtless claim attention, as being the only account of it hitherto published. In his notes of travel it has been the author's endeavor to avoid prolixity; and, while his acting motto has been to say as much as possible in a few words, he has not withheld full descriptions of the various scenes and coun tries that met his view during his lengthy excursion. He is well aware that his style is partially deficient in the ease and gracefulness peculiar to some writers; but here he would offer no apology — it is his own, and for it he neither asks the favor of critics nor expects their lenity.

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