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The Music and Musical Instruments of Japan

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Francis Taylor Piggott
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Of the teaching of Confucius, and the meaning of music in the Far East Of modern yapanese music and instruments generally — T he mythology of yapanese music: how Amaterasu was enticed from her cave: of the invention of the Koto. And Flute of of the influence of the H ichirihi traces of early m usie — Early historical records the teaching of the Corean musicians: the zeal of the Crown Prince Umayado — T he establishment of Chinese music in 5'apan the M nsical Bureau: the development. Of the Bugahu dances Lingering traces of the old music of Yapan primitive sacred music of the Kagura, and its modern offshoots Early forms of yapanese music: the Ro-yei, and the I ma yo — Jntroduction of the Biwa: the Satsuma Biwa: of the Heihe Monogatari — [nfluence of the Biwa on the national music: the Saiha-gahu, and the Dengahu — T he Chinese and yapanese dances: the No dances The early yapanese T heatre — Early yapanese songs their classification the yoruri Mono gatari — [a scheme of Chinese and Yapanese dances and music — A scheme of yapanese songs — Classes of Ha-uta and Ko-uta — Dzfi'erent varieties of small songsj — lntroduction of the Shahuhachi.

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