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High-Explosive Shell Manufacture

A Comprehensive Treatise on the Forging, Machining and Heat-Treatment of High-Explosive Shells and the Manufacture of Cartridge Cases, Primers, and Fuses, Giving Complete Directions for Tool Equipment and Methods of Setting Up Machines, Together With a Re
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Douglas T. Hamilton
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The manufacture of high-explosive shells has, within the past year, become one of the most important of the mechanical industries in this country, and the design of these shells and the machining of their component parts are now of the greatest interest to a large number of manufac turers, designers, toolmakers, and mechanics in general. Machine tool builders have been called upon to provide tools and devices of standard and special design to meet the demand for rapid and accurate production. As a result, there has been a remarkable development in the tool equip ment, and in the methods used in the forging and machin ing of shells. The larger sizes of high-explosive shells are made mainly from forgings, while the smaller sizes are made from bar stock. The forged shell blanks are made by means of hydraulic forging presses, bulldozers or special forging machines that have been developed primarily for this class of work. When made from bar stock, high powered drilling machines or similar machines of special construction are used. Great developments have taken place in regard to the machines suitable for high-power drilling. This book, which is a companion volume of the treatise already published on Shrapnel Manufacture, has been brought out to meet the demand for a comprehensive book dealing with the construction, forging, machining, heat treatment, inspection, and testing of high-explosive shells. It covers completely the methods of machining these shells when made either from bar stock or from forged blanks. In addition, the manufacture of high-explosive or detonating fuses, cartridge cases, primers, etc., is dealt with in detail. In the book is included all the material on the subject pub lished during the past year in machinery, supplemented by other material wherever necessary to complete the treatise.

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