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Historic Families of Kentucky

With Special Reference to Stocks Immediately Derived From the Valley of Virginia; Tracing in Detail Their Various Genealogical Connexions and Illustrating From Historic Sources Their Influence Upon the Political and Social Development of Kentucky and The
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Thomas Marshall Green
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Of all the fierce and warlike septs that ranged them selves beside the Campbells, under the leadership of the chiefs of that name, in the struggles so replete with deeds of crime and heroism, of oppression and stubborn resist ance, which had their fruit in the overthrow of the right line of the Stuarts, there was none more respectable, nor one which more perfectly illustrated the best qualities of their race than the sons of Dowall. Sprung from Dougall, the son of Ronald, the son of the great and famous Som erled, they had, from the misty ages, marched and fought under the cloudberry bush, as the badge of their clan, and had marshaled under the banner of the ancient Lords of Lorn, the chiefs of their race. The form of mcdowell was adopted by those of the mcdougal clan who held lands in Galloway, to which they, the Black Gaels, had given its name. The latter branch became allied by blood and inter marriages with the Campbells. Presbyterians of the strict est sect, and deeply imbued with that love of crvil and re ligious freedom which has ever characterized the followers of John Knox, they found their natural leaders in the house of Argyle. In what degree related to the chiefs of the name was the mcdowell who left behind him the hills of his native Argyleshire, to settle with others of his name and kindred and religion in the North of Ireland, during the Protectorate of Cromwell, can not be accurately stated; he was, so far as can be gleaned from vague traditions.

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