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History of Dracut, Massachusetts, Called by the Indians Augumtoocooke and Before Incorporation, the Wildernesse North of the Merrimac

First Permanment Settlement in 1669 and Incorporated as a Town in 1701
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Silas R. Coburn
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HE history OF dracut is now presented to the public in accordance with the request of the citizens of the town for a history which would embody in one volume the various subjects which relate to its existence. I make no claim to any Special knowledge of events or superior ability to place them upon record. No writer of a work of this nature can prepare the material from a personal knowledge of the facts, for the participants have, with a few exceptions, gone To the pale realms of shade, where each must take his chamber in the silent halls of death, and even their existence has been forgotten. Facts and information have been gathered from different sources. The records of the town have been carefully studied, though as the town clerks of the earlier years did not realize the need of a full account of the transactions of the town, it has been difficult to record the proceedings of those Years. No record of the first ten years of the town's existence has been preserved, and whatever events of that period are here recorded have been obtained from other sources.

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