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The Licensed Traders’ Dictionary of Words and Terms

Used in Connection With Their Calling and in the Controversies Relating to It; Being a Technical Thesaurus
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Albert B. Deane
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In some instances, remembering the close relation there is between the in, the in kitchen and the inn yard, we have not scrupled to give the meaning of some words which have a relation to these inn auxiliaries. Where the words are curious, relate to facts, or to the refreshment of man or beast, it seems reasonable that they should be included, especially if their origin is obscure, or their meaning quaint. An example of this may be found in such words as Sally Lunn, bait, tifiin, etc. We have also where necessary given such explanations Of words, as in the case of alcohol, etc., as modern science afiords, being assured that accuracy of knowledge is as much deemed by our trade readers as by any other class in the community. Brewing terms naturally come in a Licensed Trader's word book, as formerly the licensed victualler was always a brewer, as well as a vendor of ale, as indeed he Is to -'day In many instances. Terms relating to the Vintner's calling are necessarily included for similar reasons. Religious terms relating to wines or ritual, or to vessels used in religious services are necessarily included in our study.

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