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The Macrocosm and Microcosm

Or, the Universe Without and the Universe Within, Being an Unfolding of the Plan of Creation and the Correspondence of Truths, Both in the World of Sense and the World of Soul
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William Fishbough
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IN submitting the accompanying Treatise to the public, it may be preper to precede it by a few facts'and remarks relative to its origin, plan, and purpose. In the summer of 1849, on retiring from the edi torial charge of a Philosophical Journal, the writer announced his intention to prepare and publish, as soon as convenient, a work on Psychology — a subject then, as now, exciting much interest among a. Class of readers with whom he had been holding weekly communion. A manuscript of such a work was, during the few ensuing months, nearly finished; but various circumstances and considerations arose to prevent its publication, among the chief of which were, first, that with the materials of psychological science then unfolded, I found it impgs Sible to bring the work to a desired state of perfection; and, secondly, that facts and principles such I was then able, only, to set forth, were already rapidly forcing themselves into general notice in another way. I concluded, therefore, to await the unfolding of further light upon a subject of which, at that time, no one could claim. More than a very superficial knowledge, and to postpone the publication of the results of my investigations until they were further matured, and until the state of the public mind, upon questions to which they related, gave a fair indication that some particular use, not accomplished by other dc velopments. Might be possibly subserved in submitting them to general perusal. These statements involve an explanation and apology to a large portion of my former readers, who, as I learn, felt disappointed at the non-appearance of the announced publication at the time it was expected, and whose letters of inquiry respecting it I have, in some instances, been reluctantly compelled to leave unanswered.

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