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Mechanics for Beginners

Dynamics and Statics
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John Bascombe Lock
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The Static Theory of Parallel Forces is deduced very' simply from the Theory of Moments by the consideration of a system of parallel forces as a particular case of forces meeting at a point. A combination of Morin's and Atwood's machines which I have suggested on p. 46 will I think be found useful by way of illustration. The chapter on the Pendulum is abbreviated from the latest edition (1891) of my Dynamics. I may mention that in view of the publication of this book, the scope of my Dynamics has been some what enlarged in the latest edition by the addition of a chapter on Simple Harmonic Motion and the Pen dulum, of some articles on Units and other minor points. The Dynamical portion of the book is treated in a manner so different to that which has of late been customary in elementary text-books that I venture to ask Teachers and others who may use the book kindly to favor me with suggestions or criticisms. Of the value of this method Of treating the subject as an introduction to the study of Mechanics I have received the very highest testimony from many Teachers — but there must be in a new book of this kind many details capable of improvement and many faults of omission besides other defects. Any communication on the subject will be gratefully acknowledged by myself or by the Publishers.

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