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Eldorado Found

The Central Pennsylvania Highlands, a Tourist's Survey
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Henry W. Shoemaker
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Eldorado and the automobile are discordant factors. The best way to tour any rustic, retired, picturesque region is on foot, well-shod, and carrying only the necessaries in a Nessmuk pack. Unfortunately too few of our nature lovers travel that way; this is an age of hurry, they must tell the number of miles traversed on their excursions, not what they saw. To fully appreciate every vista, every cloud, every bird, every butterfly, every lofty pine, the pedestrian method is supreme. But next to it comes the eques trian method, but seldom used of late in the Pennsyl vania wilds, although the State Forestry Department is building many attractive bridle paths across the highest and' least frequented mountains. There is an exhilaration to scenery viewed from the back of a good horse that is hard to equal, there are moments of repose on a grassy bank while the horses are nib bling grass nearby, and the sandpipers are teetering in the sedge, and the swallows are skimming over the pond, that must always linger among life's most pre cious mental images. But if horseback riding is not favored, a close third comes the pleasure of touring in a Joubert 8: White Glens Falls buckboard surrey, well hung, and drawn by a pair of old fashioned long tailed horses. There is room enough under the seats to carry changes of clothing, besides the cooking uten sils with which to prepare the mid-day meal or the supper in the woods. There are miles to wander, every step filled with fresh scenes, new delights.

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