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Autor: Lewis Cornaro
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Sure and Certain Methods of Attaining a Long and Healthful Life

With Means of Correcting a Bad Constitution, &C
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After all we will not, we dare not warrant, That the molt firiét and fobe1 Life will fecure a Man from all Di eafes, or prolong his Days to that Age which Signior Cora mare promifes them by his own Experience. Natural Ina firmities and Weaknefi'es which a Man brings along with. Him into the World, which he deriv'd from his Parents, and could not avoid, may make him fickly and unhealth ful, notwithfia'nding all his Care and Precaution and. Outward Accidents (from which no Man 18 free) may cut ofi' the Thread of Life before it be half {pun out. There 1is no Fencing againfi the Latter of theie, but as to the Former a Man may in fome meafure correé't and amend lthem by a Sober and Regular Life. In fine, let a Man's Life be longer or thorter, yet Sobriety and Temperance rehder it pleafant and delightful. One that is Sober, though he live but thirty or forty years, yet lives long, and enjoys all his days, having a free and clear ufe of all his Faculties: whiltt the Man that gives himfelf up to Excefs, and lays no rel'traint upon his Appetites, though he prolong his Days to Threefcore or F ourfcorce Years '(which is next to Miracle) yet is his Life but one conti hued dofing Slumber his Head being always full of Fumes the Powers of his Soul cloudy and dark the Organs of his Body weak and worn out and neither of them fit to difcharge the proper Offices of a Rational. Creature.?'hepreface.

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Autor: Lewis Cornaro
ISBN-13 :: 9780243776771
ISBN: 0243776772
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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