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An Inquiry Into The Sources Of The History Of The Jews In Spain

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Joseph Jacobs
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IN the autumn of 1888 I was entrusted with a mission to proceed to Spain in order to ascertain the extent and quality of the manuscript materials relating to the History of the J ews of that country. As the time at my disposal was not long, it did not enter into my plan of campaign to transcribe all or many of the docu ments I should chance to hit upon; I desired rather to bring back with me a list of the documents that existed, SO far as this could be ascertained from the manuscript catalogues of the various archivists who kept charge of the documents themselves. By keeping rigidly to this self — denying ordinance, I was able to bring back with me a list of some documents relating to the History of the J ews in Spain, and have printed a rough calendar of some of them with their library press marks attached, so that anyone interested in the subject could, with little trouble, have any of the documents copied on the spot; I propose here drawing attention to the more interesting of these, treating of the various archives in the alphabetical order of their geographical position, and attaching in brackets the number of the item in my calendar.

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