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A Key To The Exercises In Ollendorff’s New Method Of Learning To Read, Write, And Speak The Spanish Language

Arranged On a New Plan, And Particularly Intended For The Use Of Persons Who Wish To Be Their Own Teachers
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All the words which in the answers are printed in italics, are superñuous when we consider both questions and answers as forming a regular conversation; but they are necessary for the construction of the sentences, if we consider these as given separate to the student as an exercise for translation, but not as a model for conversation. These exercises, however, may be turned into a regular Spanish conversation in this manner. When the student has written his exercises, he corrects them himself by using the Key, taking great care to have all the words correctly spelt and rightly placed. When this is done, he underlines, or incloses between parentheses, the words in italics; and then the remaining words make up the conversation exactly as it would take place between Spaniards. It must be remarked that when all the words in a sentence are in italics, the student is to put in their stead such expressions as these Si, señor — señora, &c.; no, señor — señora, &c.; or other words expressing consent or dissent, with which he is already ao quainted.

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