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First Lessons in Arithmetic on the Inductive Plan

Including Oral and Written Exercises
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William J. Milne
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The first lessons are devoted to instruction in counting, reading, and writing numbers up to twenty. Immediately following these, are lessons upon Addition, in which abundant practice is given in combining numbers. The fundamental processes of Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, are treated upon a plan similar to that exemplified in Addition, including besides, numerous ex amples combining two or more of the previous processes. The lessons on Fractions are so simple and yet so thorough, that the pupil is enabled to read, write, add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions when the processes are not very complex. The work on Written Arithmetic, which follows, is believed to be simple, thorough, and practical; and the brief and practical treat ment of the various classes of denominate numbers in common use, makes the work quite comprehensive within its scope. With the hope that the features of this book will commend it to all intelligent persons, and that instruction in the rudiments of arithmetic may be rendered more interesting and effective through its agency, it is confidently offered to the public.

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