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Irrigation in the Provinces of Alberta and Sakatchewan 1906 and 1907

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Irrigation Branch
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Irrigation is a subject which is receiving a great deal of attention at the present time throughout the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.The benefit derived from irrigation has been demonstrated within the past few years, now the system has taken root, and is bound to grow, as the following figures will show. Some five years ago there were 169 irrigation ditches, having a total length of 469 miles and capable of irrigating some 614,000 acres. At the present time there are 272 irrigation schemes, with a total length of 929-92 miles, and capable of irrigating 3,033,009 acres. Of this number Alberta has 167 ditches, with a total length of 748-58 miles, capable of irrigating 2,998,321 acres; Saskatchewan has 105 ditches, with a total length of 174-34 miles, capable of irrigating 34,688 acres.One thing that has developed irrigation throughout the provinces is the government system of selling land under the Irrigation Act, that is, selling land at three dollars per acre and allowing the cost of the ditch to apply on the purchase price, up to two dollars per acre. This brings a large tract of land under cultivation that would not otherwise be cultivated but would remain for grazing purposes.

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