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Its Geography, Natural Resources, Administration, Present Condition and Prospects
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L. A. A. De Verteuil
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In dedicating this production to you, my countrymen, I can truly say with Montaigne - "C'est icy un livre de bonne foy, lcctcur." I am, therefore, anxious that you should find it truthful, if not as interesting or valuable as it might, under other auspices, have been. And yet, it cannot be reasonably expected that, in treating so many and such various subjects, no errors should have crept in; this much, however, I can say - they are not wilful errors.With all the drawbacks, however - for which I crave your indulgence - I am confident you will find in the work itself material evidences of the great importance of Trinidad in an agricultural as well as a commercial point of view. Numberless, varied, and more than competent are its resources, but they remain undeveloped still; and it assuredly, in a great measure, depends on you to render them available, by cheerfully and unhesitatingly throwing off the lethargy of inaction, by resolutely girding yourselves for the arduous enterprise, and by putting forth, in unity of faith and purpose, the collected might, the energy, the perseverance, of a people resolved to yield to no obstacles, and to halt at no issue short of complete and triumphant success.

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