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Bakers Bread

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Paul Richards
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I have included in this book the different methods of bread making used in America and in Europe. The making and use of the different yeasts are explained in simple terms, also the methods of ferments, sponge and straight doughs. The recipes are explained in a manner to insure success, and are so arranged that they may be adapted to the requirements of different bakeries, besides giving the up-to-date baker a variety of suggestions for many kinds of bread.The variety of flours used in the different parts of this country often makes it difficult to work the same recipes equally well in all places. Bakers coming from the East find it hard to work with the flours of the West, and vice versa; the treatment of doughs also varies very much in different shops. Almost all these points have been covered in this book.Baking is a business of many details, and it pays at all times to be particular in the small points of the work. The success of our foremost bakers is due to the fact that they have mastered these details and studied the business theoretically as well as practically.From year to year the baking industry has advanced to a more and more scientific basis; for this reason every baker should try to obtain a technical education to be able to test his own materials, and to control the conditions under which he makes his bread.

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