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Autor: Ivars Bilinskis
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Digital Alias-free Signal Processing

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As demand for applications working in extended frequency rangesincreases, classical Digital signal processing (DSP) techniques,not protected against aliasing, are becoming less effective.Digital alias-free signal processing (DASP) is a technique forovercoming the problems of aliasing at extended frequency ranges.Based on non-uniform or randomised sampling techniques and thedevelopment of novel algorithms, it creates the capacity tosuppress potential aliasing crucial for high frequency applicationsand to reduce the complexity of designs.
This book provides practical and comprehensive coverage of thetheory and techniques behind alias-free digital signalprocessing.

Key features:
* Analyses issues of sampling, randomised and pseudo-randomisedquantisation and direct and indirectly randomised sampling.
* Examines periodic and hybrid sampling, including information onprocessing algorithms and potential limitations imposed by signaldynamics.
* Sets out leading methods and techniques for complexity reduceddesigns, in particular designs of large aperture sensor arrays,massive data acquisition and compression from a number of signalsources and complexity-reduced processing of non-uniform data.
* Presents examples of engineering applications using thesetechniques including spectrum analysis, waveform reconstruction andthe estimation of various parameters, emphasising the importance ofthe technique for developing new technologies.
* Links DASP and traditional technologies by mapping them intoembedded systems with standard inputs and outputs.

Digital Alias-free Signal Processing is ideal forpractising engineers and researchers working on the development ofdigital signal processing applications at extended frequencies. Itis also a valuable reference for electrical and computerengineering graduates taking courses in signal processing ordigital signal processing.

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Autor: Ivars Bilinskis
ISBN-13 :: 9780470511626
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