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Autor: Christiano Castelfranchi
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Trust Theory

Wiley Series in Agent Technology
A Socio-Cognitive and Computational Model
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This book provides an introduction, discussion, and formal-basedmodelling of trust theory and its applications in agent-basedsystems
This book gives an accessible explanation of the importance oftrust in human interaction and, in general, in autonomous cognitiveagents including autonomous technologies. The authors explain theconcepts of trust, and describe a principled, general theory oftrust grounded on cognitive, cultural, institutional, technical,and normative solutions. This provides a strong base for theauthor's discussion of role of trust in agent-based systemssupporting human-computer interaction and distributed and virtualorganizations or markets (multi-agent systems).

Key Features:
* Provides an accessible introduction to trust, and itsimportance and applications in agent-based systems
* Proposes a principled, general theory of trust grounding oncognitive, cultural, institutional, technical, and normativesolutions.
* Offers a clear, intuitive approach, and systematic integrationof relevant issues
* Explains the dynamics of trust, and the relationship betweentrust and security
* Offers operational definitions and models directly applicableboth in technical and experimental domains
* Includes a critical examination of trust models in economics,philosophy, psychology, sociology, and AI

This book will be a valuable reference for researchers andadvanced students focused on information and communicationtechnologies (computer science, artificial intelligence,organizational sciences, and knowledge management etc.), as well asWeb-site and robotics designers, and for scholars working on human,social, and cultural aspects of technology. Professionals ofecommerce systems and peer-to-peer systems will also find this textof interest.

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Autor: Christiano Castelfranchi
ISBN-13 :: 9780470519844
ISBN: 0470519843
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 386
Sprache: Englisch
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