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Autor: Michael W. McLaughlin
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Winning the Professional Services Sale

Unconventional Strategies to Reach More Clients, Land Profitable Work, and Maintain Your Sanity
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An innovative approach to winning more profitable sales in thegrowing professional services industry
In recent years, professional services providers have had torethink their sales methods and adapt to profound changes in theway clients buy services. In response, Winning the ProfessionalServices Sale argues for fundamental changes in the seller'smindset and sales strategies. Rather than pressing the sale,salespeople must help clients buy--the way that works best for eachclient. This new approach gives buyers what they now want in aservices seller: a consultative problem solver, change agent, andsolution integrator, all rolled into one. Author Michael McLaughlinpresents a strategy for winning new business with a holisticapproach to each client relationship. Only by fully understanding asale from every angle, including its impact on the client'sbusiness and career, can salespeople thrive in the new era of theservice economy.
Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi


CHAPTER 1 Seven Realities of Selling Services 3

CHAPTER 2 Before You Call (or Meet) Any Client 13

CHAPTER 3 Master the Client Interview 23

CHAPTER 4 Uncover the Real Problem 35


CHAPTER 5 When It Pays to Walk Away 47

CHAPTER 6 Five Elements of a Winning Sales Strategy 59

CHAPTER 7 Who Cares about This Sale . . . and Why? 75

CHAPTER 8 Shift Happens: Predicting Surprises 85

CHAPTER 9 The Perfect Sales Proposal 95


CHAPTER 10 The Art of the Sales Presentation 113

CHAPTER 11 Seal the Deal: Negotiating to Close the Sale 127

CHAPTER 12 What to Do When You Win . . . and When YouDon't 139

CHAPTER 13 Making the Second Sale and Beyond 149


CHAPTER 14 The Seven by Seven Seller 161

CHAPTER 15 Putting It All Together 173

Notes 183

Seller's Resource Guide 187

About the Author 191

Index 193

Also by Michael W. McLaughlin 201

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Seiten: 240
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