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Autor: Gabriel Wisdom
ISBN-13: 9780470530863
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Seiten: 208
Sprache: Englisch
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Wisdom on Value Investing

How to Profit on Fallen Angels
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Wisdom on Value Investing offers author Gabriel Wisdom'sinsights on succeeding in difficult markets. One of his favoriteapproaches-which is part classic value investing and partbehavioral finance-is called "The Fallen Angels InvestmentStrategy," and it prepares investors to look past short-term valueassumptions in order to capture profits. Throughout this book,Wisdom will show you how to capitalize on value plays where thefundamentals are actually strong, but the "general wisdom"surrounding the security has turned negative. He discusses howstocks with the most promise are ones that Wall Street has markeddown without regard to their underlying value, and reveals how thistype of intrinsic value discount provides a margin of safety duringdifficult times, and substantial upside rewards for those who findthem early enough.* Takes value investing one step further by mixing significantamounts of behavioral finance into the analysis
* Prepares investors to take advantage of other's mistakes
* A time-tested strategy for any type of market-up or down

A classic look at value investing with a twist, this book willput you in a better position to succeed in both bull and bearmarkets.

Includes a Foreword by Mary Buffett and David Clark, authors ofBuffettology.
Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

Chapter 1 Ten Traits of The World's Greatest BargainHunters 1

Chapter 2 Fallen, Not Falling (An Important Distinction) 15

Chapter 3 Great Moments in Bottom Fishing: The Fallen AngelsHall of Fame 29

Chapter 4 Buy CATS (Cheap and Timely Securities), Avoid Dogs35

Chapter 5 Cycles and Wall Street's Wheel of Fortune 45

Chapter 6 Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? 57

Chapter 7 Time Arbitrage, The Rational Investor's Ally69

Chapter 8 The Pilot's Checklist For Safe and EffectiveInvesting 77

Chapter 9 The Science of Demographics: A Glimpse into the Future87

Chapter 10 How to Pick Stocks: The Fallen Angels Formula 95

Chapter 11 Profit from Panic, Corrections, and Volatility107

Chapter 12 The Little Chapter that Makes You a Better Investor119

Chapter 13 Will You Know When to Sell? 131

Chapter 14 Real Estate: The Other Fallen Angel Opportunity145

Chapter 15 Ten Fallen Angels for the Next Five Years 155

Chapter 16 Stocks and Bonds and Rock and Roll: My Story 163

Appendix: Recommended Books, Web Sites, and

Helpful Sources 169

About the Authors 173

Index 175

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Autor: Gabriel Wisdom
ISBN-13 :: 9780470530863
ISBN: 0470530863
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 208
Sprache: Englisch
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