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The Risk-Wise Investor

Wiley Global Finance Executive Select
How to Better Understand and Manage Risk
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User-friendly risk management tools, tips, and techniques for aless certain world
Though a very high level of investor uncertainty, anxiety, andconcern about risk now exists, the vast majority of investors donot genuinely understand investment risk-let alone how toeffectively manage it. The "Risk-Wise" Investor offers a totallynew, user-friendly, non-technical way to help you better understandand manage uncertainty and risk. This practical guide will helpinvestors avoid many common pitfalls and make well informed,knowledge-based decisions when facing uncertainty and risk. It alsoshows how to implement a personalized, systematic risk managementplanning process that will allow you to manage the risks you facemore effectively and improve the likelihood of achieving specificinvestment goals. Though traditional investment advice is based ontaking the long view and diversifying portfolios, the informationhere shows how to incorporate additional risk managementconsiderations into your plans. It also provides innovativeinsights that will help investors and their advisors betterunderstand how to

* Gain a practical, user-friendly, knowledge based understandingof risk and risk management
* Better understand and manage financial uncertainty and rapidchange
* Release life-risk management skills in the world ofinvestments
* Become less anxious, more knowledgeable, realistic, andpotentially more successful investors
* Learn a new "empowering" definition of risk to more effectivelyaddress risk and uncertainty
* Help reduce the likelihood and potential impact of negativesurprises


CHAPTER 1 The Increasing Importance of"Risk-Wise" Investing.

CHAPTER 2 Introduction to the "Risk-Wise"Risk Management Process.

CHAPTER 3 The Evolving History of Risk and RiskManagement.

CHAPTER 4 "Risk"--What Is It, and HowDoes It Work?

CHAPTER 5 Which "School" of Risk ManagementIs Best?

CHAPTER 6 How Your Body Can Work Against You.

CHAPTER 7 Understanding the Risk Perception/RealityGap.

CHAPTER 8 Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Decision MakingUnder Uncertainty.

CHAPTER 9 The Advantages of Managing Risk Categories.

CHAPTER 10 Understanding and Prioritizing Risks.

CHAPTER 11 The "Risk-Wise" Risk ManagementPlanning Process.

CHAPTER 12 Models of Outstanding Risk Management.

CHAPTER 13 The Value of Knowledgeable and TrustedFinancial Advice.

CHAPTER 14 Navigating Crisis Events and Bear Markets.

Summary and Afterthoughts.



Additional Information for Readers.

About the Author.


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