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Autor: Ryan Watkins
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Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Volume 2, The Handbook of Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions

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Volume 2: Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions

In this groundbreaking volume, leading practitioners and scholars from around the world provide an authoritative review of the most up-to-date information available on performance interventions, all presented within a holistic framework that helps ensure the accomplishment of significant results.

Addressing more than 30 performance interventions, with such varied topics as Incentive Systems, e-Learning, Succession Planning and Executive Coaching, this volume guides readers through the development of comprehensive performance improvement systems. Each chapter illustrates in practical terms how to select, plan, implement, and manage performance interventions, as well as how to evaluate their results. Through best practices research, comparative analysis, illustrative case studies from around the world, and editorial guidance on how to link together diverse interventions, the handbook is an important guide for achieving desired results in the workplace and beyond.

Sponsored by International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, three-volume reference, covers three main areas of interest including Instructional Design and Training Delivery, Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions, and Measurement and Evaluation.
Introduction to Volume Two.


Part One: Introduction.

1 HPT Models: An Overview of the Major Models in the Field (Frank S. Wilmoth, Christine Prigmore, Marty Bray).

2 Linking Practice and Theory (Seung Youn Chyung, Shelley A. Berg).

3 The Performance Pyramid (John Wedman).

Part One: Editors' Discussion.

Part Two: Vision, Mission, Objectives.

4 Future Search (Marvin Weisbord, Sandra Janoff).

5 SWOT Analysis (Doug Leigh).

6 Appreciative Inquiry (Marvin Faure, Jennifer Rosenzweig, Darlene Van Tiem).

Part Two: Editors' Discussion.

Part Three: Resources.

7 Organizational Restructuring (Sally Lollie, Hillary Leigh).

Part Three: Editors' Discussion.

Part Four: Expectations and Feedback.

8 Realistic Job Previews (Jim Breaugh).

9 360-Degree Feedback (Eugene Kutcher, John Donovan, Steven J. Lorenzet).

10 Performance Measurement and Management Systems (Ingrid Guerra-López).

11 Achieving Improved Performance Through Managerial Coaching (Andrea D. Ellinger, Alexander E. Ellinger, Robert G. Hamlin, Rona S. Beattie).

12 Performance Management Systems (David G. Glidden).

Part Four: Editors' Discussion.

Part Five: Tools, Environment, and Processes

13 Electronic Performance Support Systems (Frank Nguyen).

14 Performance Aids (Miki Lane).

15 Knowledge Management (Debra Haney, James T. Driggers).

16 The Change Readiness Rubric (Bea Griffith-Cooper, Karyl King).

17 Process Improvement (Marcey Uday-Riley, Ingrid Guerra-López).

Part Five: Editors' Discussion.

Part Six: Incentives, Rewards, and Recognition.

18 Incentive Systems (Steven J. Condly).

19 Rewards, Positive Reinforcement, and Incentive Systems (Jessica Jean Frumkin).

20 Employee and Executive Compensation (Tahir M. Nisar).

Part Six: Editors' Discussion.

Part Seven: Motivation and Self-Concept.

21 Motivational Communication (Lya Visser).

22 Career Mentoring (Christine D. Hegstad).

23 Job Crafting (Michelle French).

Part Seven: Editors' Discussion.

Part Eight: Knowledge and Skills.

24 e-Learning (Ryan Watkins).

25 Cross-Disciplinary Team Learning (Scott P. Schaffer).

26 Mentoring (Stella Louise Cowan).

27 Executive Leadership Coaching (Daniel White).

Part Eight: Editors' Discussion.

Part Nine: Performance Capacity.

28 Outsourcing (Judith A. Hale).

29 Succession Planning and Management (Hillary Leigh).

Part Nine: Editors' Discussion.

Part Ten: Organizational Culture.

30 Organizational Culture (Anthony Marker).

31 Diversity and Cultural Competence (Tyrone A. Holmes).

Part Ten: Editors' Discussion.

Part Eleven: Continuous Monitoring.

32 Needs Assessment (James W. Altschuld, Traci L. Lepicki).

33 Data Collection (Anne F. Marrelli).

Part Eleven: Editors' Discussion.

Part Twelve: Significant Accomplishments.

34 Return on Investment (Patti P. Phillips, Jack J. Phillips).

Part Twelve: Editors' Discussion.

Editors' Epilogue.

About the Contributors.

About the Editors.

Name Index.

Subject Index.

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