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RTLS For Dummies

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Select, invest in, and deploy a Real Time Location System
Is your business ready for an RTLS? This friendly, hands-onguide shows you how to understand and implement this cutting-edgetechnology, explaining RTLS methodologies in plain English. Fromthe initial deployment to monitoring to determining Return onInvestment, you'll see how to successfully meet your needs, ensuredata accuracy, and sustain your system.
* Get your bearings -- understand what RTLS does and itsvarious methodologies, determine your needs, and select the rightsystem
* Prepare for installation -- outline your goals, plan yourapplications, assess your site, select the right tag technology,and conduct a pilot test
* Implement RTLS in your world -- know how to train yourstaff, set expectations, set up monitoring, and assess whether theRTLS is working as desired
* Deal with design issues -- learn the most common pitfalls ofRTLS implementation and how to handle them
* Take the technology tour -- use RTLS to locate at chokepoints, room level, presence, by association, and precisely
* Monitor and secure your RTLS -- verify and fine-tune yoursystem, establish performance metrics, and manage security issuesand vulnerabilities such as network attacks

Open the book and find:
* An overview of RTLS and its uses
* Explanations of underlying technologies
* How to integrate RTLS into your other business applications
* Comparative detail on technologies that enable different typesof locating
* Tips for evaluating RTLS vendors
* Essential RTLS resources and references
* Tips for getting the most out of the batteries used in tags
* Privacy issues related to RTLS

Part I: Getting Your Bearings in RTLS.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know RTLS.

Chapter 2: Knowing the Many Parts of an RTLS.

Chapter 3: Choosing the Right RTLS.

Part II: Implementing RTLS in Your World.

Chapter 4: Planning for a Successful Implementation.

Chapter 5: Preparing for Installation.

Chapter 6: Monitoring RTLS.

Chapter 7: Integrating RTLS.

Part III: Tag-A-Palooza: RTLS Technology Tour.

Chapter 8: Locating at Choke Points.

Chapter 9: Locating at Room Level.

Chapter 10: Precision Locating with Wide Area Coverage.

Chapter 11: Precision Locating with Local Area Coverage.

Chapter 12: Presence-Based Locating.

Chapter 13: Locating by Associating.

Part IV: Monitoring Performance and Securing RTLS.

Chapter 14: Measuring RTLS Performance.

Chapter 15: RTLS Vulnerabilities.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten RTLS Pitfalls.

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Selecting an RTLS Vendor.

Chapter 18: Ten Best Ways to Use Batteries.

Part VI: Appendixes.

Appendix A: RTLS Resources and References.

Appendix B: Privacy Issues.

Appendix C: Realizing the Benefi ts of an RTLS.


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