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Autor: Linda Bergquist
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Church Turned Inside Out

J-B Leadership Network Series
A Guide for Designers, Refiners, and Re-Aligners
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A design-thinking book for planting or redesigning churches andincubating a new generation of leaders.
Written by Linda Bergquist and Allan Karr, two experiencedchurch planters and mentors, the book is full of wisdom, practicaladvice, and creative counsel. Instead of a business-model-as-usualapproach, the authors challenge readers to begin with the rawmaterials of beliefs, values, individuals, teams, and culture, andto then move outwards to draw from a rich palette of real andpotential church paradigms. This book is meant to provoke churchleaders to think outside of the box and to imagine how theirchurches might better reflect the image and the mission of God inthe world.
* Contains a wealth of illustrative examples, charts, and othervisual aides
* Offers a creative practical perspective and amulti-disciplinary approach to establishing a new church or leadingan existing one
* Shows how to honor a church's purpose while embracing itsunique culture
* Includes important lessons for nurturing church leadershipskills
Figures and Tables.

About Leadership Network.

Foreword (Alan Hirsch).


1 The Once and Future Church.

2 Acknowledging Self.

3 Cultivating Community.

4 Patterns That Honor God.

5 Designing Around Beliefs.

6 Releasing Communitas.

7 Designing in Culture.

8 Embracing Culture.

9 A Palette of Models.

10 Discovering Congruency.

11 Organizing by Design

12 Organizing as Living Systems.



About the Authors.


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Autor: Linda Bergquist
ISBN-13 :: 9780470535271
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 240
Sprache: Englisch
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