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Autor: Stuart Emmett
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Green Supply Chains

An Action Manifesto
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Stuart Emmett and Vivek Sood's book provides a clear strategicoverview and actionable plan for the implementation of green supplychains. For anyone grappling with the elements required to changean organization's supply chain strategy in a 'green' direction,this book is a must read.
"Having worked with Stuart Emmett on other ground breakingbooks, I can empathically say that this book written with VivekSood is another one in the same mould. This enjoyable book not onlycovers a topic that is critically relevant for every individual,but also provides a practical road map for a green supply chainstrategy. Strongly recommended, it is a book of it time."
--Barry Crocker, Author and MSC Program Leader, Universityof Salford

"After co-creating the supply chain management methodology in1979, I have remained at the forefront of this field for the last30 years by continually pushing the boundaries of thoughts andapplications in Supply Chain Management. But, during all this time,nothing has excited me as much as our current endeavor on GreenSupply Chains. It is the need of the moment, resonating in alldirections. What is more important, it makes perfect commercialsense. This book by Vivek Sood and Stuart Emmett is a big step infurthering that discussion. It should be on the bookshelf of everyprogressive manager."
--Dr Wolfgang Partsch, Global Supply Chain Group, Munich,Germany

"...As supply chains have become more visible to peoplearound the world, and at the same time more global, questions abouttheir impact on the environment and global sustainability haveincreased. People who care about our Planet often wonder what arethe adverse impacts of transporting goods thousands ofmiles...goods that are often produced in manufacturing plants thatare not environmentally friendly...and then packaged in whatbecomes waste. So, companies and governments worldwide have begunto address the questions. The authors have addressed the questionsin an insightful manner. They have analyzed the supply chainprocesses, presented new ideas, and have backed these up with solidcase examples from leading companies. The book is a must read foranyone who manages a supply chain, cares about the environment, andseeks actionable ideas for 'going green'."
--Gene Tyndall, Executive Vice President, Global TompkinsInternational

"This book treats the 'Next Generation' Supply Chain in aphenomenal way. It is an emerging topic, a paradigm shiftingapproach for companies on their radical cost saving waves, and anabsolutely necessary component of the sustainability for ourPlanet."
--Ahmet Yalçin Managing Partner at Stars ofEuropeand Chairman of the Board of the German Solar Energy companyGreen Enesys Group

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ISBN-13 :: 9780470663042
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