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Autor: Sarah Laing
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Tax 2010 / 2011 For Dummies, UK Edition

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Fully updated for the 2010/2011 tax year, this book takes thehassle out of tax
Although you can't escape tax, you can make it easier to dealwith. Whether you want to work out the taxes on your own business,make tax-efficient investments or simply understand where yourmoney's going, this plain-English guide has it all. Get to gripswith the UK tax system and discover how to make potentiallysignificant savings on your tax bill.
* Tax facts - get the low-down on tax essentials
* Tax through your ages - find out how to make the mosttax-savvy decisions at every stage of your life
* Pensions and benefits - understand the ins and outs oftaxes paid on pensions and state benefits
* Working for someone else - keep an eye on your pay packetand make the most of incentive schemes
* Working for yourself - learn how to manage your company'staxes, whether you're just starting out or are a veteranbusiness-owner

Open the book and find:
* Advice on complying with self-assessment regulations
* Techniques for calculating how much income tax you owe
* Updates on the most tax-friendly investments for you and yourchildren
* How to manage property tax, whether you're buying, selling orrenting
* Ways to reduce inheritance tax
* The best way to pay VAT on your own business
* The tax benefits of becoming a limited company
* Day-to-day tax-saving techniques

"Tax 2010/2011 For Dummies is expertly written in plain,everyday language that makes a complicated subject easy tounderstand. It's simple to follow, and full of invaluable tax tipsand reminders. Highly recommended for someone looking for astraightforward introduction to the world of tax."
--Mark McLaughlin, CTA (Fellow) ATT TEP, Chartered TaxConsultant, Author and Editor

Learn to:
* Understand your tax status and fulfil your legal obligations
* Calculate your business taxes
* Fill out a self-assessment form
* Make tax-efficient investments

Part I: Tax Facts.

Chapter 1: Thinking About Tax.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Legal Framework.

Chapter 3: Self Assessing.

Chapter 4: Working Out How Much Income Tax Is Due.

Part II: Tax Through Your Ages.

Chapter 5: Supporting Children.

Chapter 6: Making Tax-Efficient Investments.

Chapter 7: Investing in Property.

Chapter 8: Passing On Your Wealth.

Part III: Pensions and Benefits.

Chapter 9: Understanding UK Pensions.

Chapter 10: Paying Tax on Your Pensions.

Chapter 11: Looking at State Benefits and Tax.

Part IV: Working for Someone Else.

Chapter 12: PAYEing Tax in Employment.

Chapter 13: Receiving Expenses and Benefits.

Chapter 14: Sharing Your Employer's Fortunes.

Part V: Working for Yourself.

Chapter 15: Starting a Business.

Chapter 16: Running a Business.

Chapter 17: Incorporating Your Business.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Tax-Saving Tips.

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Dealing with HM Revenue &Customs.

Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Starting and Running Your OwnBusiness.



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ISBN-13 :: 9780470664995
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
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