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Autor: Paul M. Mather
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Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images

An Introduction
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This fourth and full colour edition updates and expands awidely-used textbook aimed at advanced undergraduate andpostgraduate students taking courses in remote sensing and GIS inGeography, Geology and Earth/Environmental Science departments.Existing material has been brought up to date and new material hasbeen added. In particular, a new chapter, exploring the two-waylinks between remote sensing and environmental GIS, has been added.
New and updated material includes:
* A website at provides access to an updated and expanded version of the MIPSimage processing software for Microsoft Windows, PowerPointslideshows of the figures from each chapter, and case studies,including full data sets,
* Includes new chapter on Remote Sensing and Environmental GISthat provides insights into the ways in which remotely-sensed datacan be used synergistically with other spatial data sets, includinghydrogeological and archaeological applications,
* New section on image processing from a computer scienceperspective presented in a non-technical way, including someremarks on statistics,
* New material on image transforms, including the analysis oftemporal change and data fusion techniques,
* New material on image classification including decision trees,support vector machines and independent components analysis,and
* Now in full colour throughout.

This book provides the material required for a single semestercourse in Environmental Remote Sensing plus additional, moreadvanced, reading for students specialising in some aspect of thesubject. It is written largely in non-technical language yet itprovides insights into more advanced topics that some may considertoo difficult for a non-mathematician to understand. The casestudies available from the website are fully-documented researchprojects complete with original data sets. For readers who do nothave access to commercial image processing software, MIPS providesa licence-free, intuitive and comprehensive alternative.

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Autor: Paul M. Mather
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