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Autor: Malcolm McDonald
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Marketing Plans

How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them
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Now in its 7th edition, Marketing Plans isa highly renowned international bestseller. The book has beenthoroughly revised, and every chapter has been carefully updatedwith special attention to the latest developments in marketing. Toaccomplish this, Professor Malcolm McDonald has been joined in thisedition by Professor Hugh Wilson, a leading expert on CRM andmultichannel strategy as well as marketing planning.
Major changes to this edition include new chapters based on thevery latest research on:
* Planning for integrated marketing communications and digitalmarketing
* Developing multichannel strategy
* Developing the CRM plan
* Marketing effectiveness and accountability

Marketing Plans is designed as a tool and auser-friendly learning, resource. Every point illustrated bypowerful practical examples and made actionable through simple,step-by-step templates and exercises.

The book is established as essential reading for all seriousprofessional marketers and students of marketing, fromundergraduate and postgraduate to professional courses for bodiessuch as CIM. Above all it provides a practical, hands-on guide toimplementing every single concept included in the text.

"It is clearly and powerfully written and is probably the bestbook on the theory and practice of marketing planning ever written.It is a best-seller in Europe and I strongly recommend the book toanyone with an interest in marketing planning."
--Warren J. Keegan, Professor of International Business andMarketing Director, Institute for Global Business Strategy, PaceUniversity, New York

"I am extremely impressed by the step lucidity of what ispresented."
--Dr D. H. Eaton, North Carolina University

"A book reaching the quantities sold of Marketing Plansmust be a book that is really used. It is not difficult to see why.Malcolm McDonald writes about what to do in marketing and how to doit. Unlike many academic marketing writers, he will never let youforget that marketing ends with -ing."
--Kenneth Simmonds, Professor of Marketing andInternational Business, London Business School

"Malcolm McDonald is clearly one of the most respectedProfessors of Marketing in Europe and the author of a number ofoutstanding books. The fact that Marketing Plans has beensuch a massive seller offers testimony of this. McDonald writeswith clarity and insight that is becoming increasingly rare today.It is powerful, up to date and has proved that it works. Irecommend it to you!"
--John D. Ryans, Jr, Bridgestone Professor of Internationaland Professor of International Marketing, Kent State University,Ohio
Preface and Acknowledgements.

How to Use This Book to Achieve the Best Results.

Learning Features.

Tutor's Guide.

An Important Note to the Reader from the Authors.

Chapter 1 Understanding the Marketing Process.

Chapter 2 The Marketing Planning Process: 1 The MainSteps.

Chapter 3 The Marketing Planning Process: 2 Removing theMyths.

Chapter 4 Completing the Marketing Audit: 1 The Customerand Market Audit.

Chapter 5 Completing the Marketing Audit: 2 The ProductAudit.

Chapter 6 Setting Marketing Objectives andStrategies.

Chapter 7 The Integrated Marketing CommunicationsPlan.

Chapter 8 The Sales Plan.

Chapter 9 The Pricing Plan.

Chapter 10 The Multichannel Plan: The Route toMarket.

Chapter 11 The Customer Relationship Management Plan.

Chapter 12 Implementation Issues in MarketingPlanning.

Chapter 13 Measuring the Effectiveness of MarketingPlanning.

Chapter 14 A Step-by-Step Marketing Planning System.


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Autor: Malcolm McDonald
ISBN-13 :: 9780470670125
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