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Autor: Philip McKernan
ISBN-13: 9780470676028
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Seiten: 272
Sprache: Englisch
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South of 49

The Canadian Guide to Buying Residential Real Estate in the United States
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"South of 49 is a must-read for anyone wanting to buy realestate in the United States. This groundbreaking book is jammedfull of practical information that will ensure you avoid all thepotential pitfalls."--Les Hewitt, author of The Power of Focus

"When buying real estate anywhere in the world, one must knowall the facts and go in with eyes wide open. Before you evenconsider buying outside of Canada, know the realities by readingthis book and learn from others' mistakes."
--Don R. Campbell, best-selling author of RealEstate Investing in Canada

"For any Canadian, buying real estate in the US can be the bestdecision you ever make, or the worst mistake you'll never forget.Philip's the real deal-an international investor who speaks fromexperience. This book will teach you how to make a great deal,reduce your risk and enjoy the journey along the way."
--Greg Habstritt, founder of SimpleWealth

From the Introduction:

Whether it's a lifestyle purchase or an investment, there aremany factors about buying US property that many Canadian buyersunderstandably find confusing, or they overlook. Add to that thecomplexities of the new foreclosure-driven buyers' market, andbuying a US property could be a recipe for disaster if you don't doyour homework.

That's where South of 49 comes in. This book is aboutmore than just tax advice and buying tips. We take you through allof the real-life considerations when buying down south, from traveltime and immigration rules to making sure the home or condo you buyactually fits your investment goals. We will also help you answerone very important question when considering such a purchase: Why?Why should you buy a place and not just rent? Why should you buy inFlorida instead of California, for example? The answers? It alldepends. It depends on you, your individual circumstances and yourgoals. This book will help you think through these decisions beforeyou make them.

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Autor: Philip McKernan
ISBN-13 :: 9780470676028
ISBN: 0470676027
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 272
Sprache: Englisch
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