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Autor: Ron Kunitzky
ISBN-13: 9780470678701
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Sprache: Englisch
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Partnership Marketing

How to Grow Your Business and Transform Your Brand Through Smart Collaboration
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Google, Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart are "categorykillers." Why? One key to their astounding success is that theyhave mastered the art of creating highly attractive partner andcustomer value propositions. They have all built their business onthe principles and practices of Partnership Marketing to offersuperior products, create long-term distribution opportunities, newrevenue streams for their businesses, and increased brand awarenesson a world-wide level.
Developing an affiliation with the right partner allows bothparties to realize successes that they could not have otherwiseachieved on their own by transforming their individual strengthsinto mutual performance. Whether you're an entrepreneur working toexpand your customer base and increase value or a corporationlooking for cost-effective ways to stimulate growth andbrand-presence on a tight budget, Partnership Marketing is apractical in-depth guide to this core business concept.

A powerful strategy in good times, partnership marketing is anexcellent way to gain competitive advantage and grow your businesseven in tough, recessionary economic conditions. As marketingresources are being slashed everywhere, coupled with employeelay-offs and cutbacks to existing programs, partnership marketingis a creative way to do more with less.

Partnership Marketing provides the complete how-to ofcollaborating successfully with other organizations, including: howto align PM objectives to your resources; how to assess what youhave to offer a partner-brand and how to leverage your corestrengths; how to search for the right partner-brand; how to assessthe pros and cons of partnering with other brands; and muchmore.

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Autor: Ron Kunitzky
ISBN-13 :: 9780470678701
ISBN: 0470678704
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
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