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Innovation Leaders

How Senior Executives Stimulate, Steer and Sustain Innovation
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Innovation leaders promote and address the innovation agenda intheir company. Through personal conviction or competitive necessitythey are obsessed with providing superior value to customersthrough innovation. They know how to mobilize their staff behindconcrete innovation initiatives and do not hesitate to personallycoach innovation teams.
For innovation to occur leadership has to be collective. Tocreate a momentum for innovation in their company, leaders fromdifferent functions need to team up, to build innovation networks.Innovation leadership is not just an innate talent that can beselected at the hiring level. It can be developed within anappropriate company culture through careful leadership development,typically achieved through career management and coaching.Innovation leaders also need to stay on board and it is theresponsibility of the top management team to create an attractiveclimate to develop and keep its innovation leaders.

There are plenty of books that deal with innovation, or with newproduct development, or with leadership; this is different in itsfocus on the specifics of innovation leadership - thatparticular form of leadership that stimulates and sustainsinnovation.

This book maps the broad territory of innovation leadership andcontributes new thinking on the focus of the emerging leadershiprole of the CTO; distinction between 'front end' and'back end' innovation leaders; the concept of aligningleadership styles with strategy; and the chain of leadershipconcept.

Combining practice-based and empirical research-basedobservations with simple conceptual frameworks, illustrated by manycompany examples and case stories from a broad range of industriesin the US and Europe, this is a systematic presentation ofinnovation drivers and their implications in terms of what leadersneed to do to make it work.
Preface: Mapping the Innovation Leadership Territory


Part I: Defining and Characterizing InnovationLeaders

1. A Special Form of Leadership for Innovation?

The Leadership Factor

Facing the Innovation Imperatives

Defining and Characterizing Innovation

Innovation Leaders: A Different Breed?

Mapping our Journey

2. What's Special about Innovation Leaders?

Innovation Leaders Share Six Attributes

Innovation Leaders Tend to Focus on a Stage of Innovation

Innovation Leaders Work on Process and Culture

3. Stimulating Bottom-Up Innovation

Encouraging Bottom-up Innovation: Classic Approaches

Building an Innovation Culture: Four Drivers

4. Steering Innovation Top Down

Seeing Innovation as a Competitive Necessity

Setting up a Process, Governance System and OrganizationalMechanisms

Mobilizing People on Innovation-Enhancing Campaigns

Getting Involved in Innovation Searches and Projects

5. Appointing an Innovation Conductor


The First Mission of CTOs: Technological Innovation

The Changing Role of CTOs: From Managing to Leading

The Emerging Role of Corporate Entrepreneur

Facing the Challenge as Part of the Top Executive Team

Part II: The Leadership Imperatives of InnovationStrategies

6. Recognizing the Leadership Imperatives of Your InnovationStrategy

Formulating an Innovation Strategy

Aligning Your Management Efforts with Your Strategy

Activating Specific Change Levers to Support Your Strategy

7. Leading the Development of New/Improved Products orServices Required: Team Sports Coaches to Foster InnovationDiscipline

Innovation Leaders as Tough Team Sports Coaches

Straightening Out Medtronic's Innovation Process

Limits of the "Team Sports Coach" Leaders

8. Leading the Creation of a Totally New Product or ServiceCategory Required: No-Nonsense Sponsors to Steer the NewVenture

Innovation Leaders as No-nonsense Sponsors

New Business Creation at Tetra Pak: Reinventing the Food Can

Evolving Leadership Imperatives in New Business Creation

9. Leading the Creation of a Totally New Business System orModel Required: Pragmatic Architects to Put All SystemElements in Place

Innovation Leaders as Visionary but Pragmatic Architects

TiVo: A Business System/Model Innovation

Lessons from the TiVo Story

10. Leading the Development of New/Improved CustomerSolutions Required: Conductors to Deliver an Enhanced CustomerExperience

Innovation Leaders as Orchestra Conductors

Senseo: An Innovative Customer Solution

Building and Leading an Innovation-Focused Partnership

Part III: Developing a Cadre of Innovation Leaders

11. Building an Innovation Leadership Environment: TheLogitech Case

Logitech: Ordinary or Extraordinary Company?

Logitech's Innovation-stimulating Drivers

Logitech's Innovation-enhancing Culture and Values

Logitech's Pragmatic and Effective Innovation Process

Logitech's Future Challenges

12 Attracting, Developing and Keeping InnovationLeaders

Assessing Your Innovation Leadership Resources

Selecting and Hiring Innovation Leaders

Developing Innovation Leaders

Retaining Innovation Leaders

Innovation Leadership in a Nutshell

Appendix A Innovation in Leadership and OrganizationalCulture Models

Appendix B Guidelines for Using the IDEO Video for'Idea Management' Training

Appendix C Factors Affecting the Innovation Climate of aCompany


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