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A Brief and Practical Guide to EU Law

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This book is designed to be a quick guide to European Union law andexplains how it may be used for practical effect. It is written ina clear style for practitioners who are in a hurry to master thesubject, and contains precedents of the kinds of documents they mayhave to prepare. It explains the basic law, the basic concepts, theprocedure and the jargon in a way that lawyers new to the subjectwill find easy to understand. It will give them the answers theyneed fast. Throughout, there is extensive reference to case law.
The new edition has been revised to take into account the 1997Amsterdam Treaty, which consolidated and renumbered the articles ofthe Union Treaty and incorporated the Social Charter. It alsocovers recent case law and changes to competition law.

1. The Treaties.

2. The Institutions.

3. Legislation.

4. Interpretation and Research.

5. The Court.

6. Procedure.

7. Effective Use of EC Law.

8. Pleadings.

9. Free Movement of Goods.

10. Free Movement of Persons.

11. Freedom of Establishment and Provision of Services.

12. Competition.

13. Company Law.

14. Social Policy.

15. The Common Agricultural Policy.



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Autor: David Medhurst
ISBN-13 :: 9780470680070
ISBN: 0470680075
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 272
Sprache: Englisch
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