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Breaking the Leadership Mold

An Executive's Guide to Achieving Organizational Excellence
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Rosie Steeves
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Much has been written about leaders and leadership. Journalarticles, blogs and books try to home in on the essence of aneffective leader. While there is common agreement that aexecutive's performance can make or break company, defining thatessence of effective leadership remains the Holy Grail for thosewho find themselves at the top, for those who are responsible forcarrying out the strategies and dictates of their managers, and forthe shareholders who want to see commitment, action and positivefinancial return.
Breaking the Leadership Mold is designed to help seniorexecutives and managers respond to the challenges of today and shedthe vestiges of days gone by. In so doing they will better lead andenable their staff, and create a work environment that is healthy,engaging, productive and sustainable. Based on the author'sextensive research and 35 years' experience in working with local,national and international companies, Breaking the LeadershipMold offers 20 principles-such as Principle #10: Recognize HowExecutive Team Dynamics Promote Mediocrity and Principle #14: GetOther Executives On Board (or Out of the Way)--that whenimplemented will ensure that not only is there effectivecommunication throughout the organization, from top to bottom andbottom to top, but also that employees and executives alikecontribute to their full potential. The net result -- theorganization wins on every measure. The 20 principles are built onthe pillars of case studies, experience and research.

Effective leadership is an absolute in any businessenvironment, but becomes even more critical in times whenbusinesses face unprecedented challenges and need to be nimble andresponsive to change. Breaking the Mold has provenstrategies to empower, unite and galvanize managers and employees-- and their organization - to enable them to prosper and adapt ina swift-changing environment.


Part One.

Chapter One--Principle #1: Face the Facts.

Chapter Two--Principle #2: Break the Mold.

Chapter Three--Principle #3: Define a Better Way.

Chapter Four--Principle #4: Figure Out if You Have What ItTakes.

Part Two.

Chapter Five--Principle #5: Give Yourself a LeadershipReality Check.

Chapter Six--Principle #6: Conduct a Personal LeadershipAudit.

Chapter Seven--Principle #7: Embark On a LeadershipMakeover.

Chapter Eight--Principle #8: Put Yourself First.

Part Three.

Chapter Nine--Principle #9: Understand What Could Be Amisswith Your Top Team.

Chapter Ten--Principle #10: Recognize How Executive TeamDynamics Promotes Mediocrity.

Chapter Eleven--Principle #11: Get the Top TeamWorking.

Chapter Twelve--Principle #12: Get the Board on Board.

Part Four.

Chapter Thirteen--Principle #13: Develop Everyone'sLeadership.

Chapter Fourteen--Principle #14: Get Other Executives onBoard (Or Out of the Way).

Chapter Fifteen--Principle #15: Figure OutCommunication.

Chapter Sixteen--Principle #16: Create Communities.

Part Five.

Chapter Seventeen--Principle #17:Tell People How They'reDoing.

Chapter Eighteen--Principle #18: Promote for theFuture.

Chapter Nineteen--Principle #19: Integrate the Hard and theSoft.

Chapter Twenty--Principle #20: Never Stop.




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