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RFID at Ultra and Super High Frequencies

Theory and application
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Dominique Paret
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In the past, very little practical information or training has beenavailable for engineers, technicians and students in the area ofradio frequency identification (RFID) systems at ultra highfrequencies (UHF) and super high frequencies (SHF).
Here, Dominique Paret offers you a complete guide to the theory,components, practical application areas and standards in RFID atUHF and SHF. He achieves an expert balance between theory andtechnology, finance and other aspects, providing a clear view ofthe entire field.

This book deals with the real aspects of contactlessapplications in detail, and divided into five parts, covers:
* Basic principles, general considerations and the market,defining all essential terms and the different tags andapplications.
* Wave propagation principles and theory.
* Communication and transmission, baseband signals, carriermodulation and interactions, discussing communication modes betweenthe base station and tag, and energy transfer modes.
* International safety standards and regulations, includingInternational Organization for Standardization (ISO) and OpenSystems Interconnection (OSI) models, and methods for evaluatingcommercial tags.
* Components for tags and base stations.

This comprehensive reference is ideal for computer andelectronics engineers working on the design and development of RFIDsystems for the electronics industry, as well as for those in otherindustries such as automotive, security and transport, who want toimplement RFID into their business.

Dominique Paret's book is also a solid and thoroughtechnical introduction to the subject for graduate level studentsand researchers in electronics and industrial engineeringdesign.

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