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Autor: Bud E. Smith
ISBN-13: 9780470688830
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Sprache: Englisch
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Laptops for the Older and Wiser

The Third Age Trust (U3A)/Older & Wiser
Get Up and Running on Your Laptop Computer
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Helpful, easy-to-follow guide for new laptop users over the ageof 50
Laptops are fun and more popular than ever, but they are stillcomputers and come with their own set of issues: easier to steal,more likely to be dropped, often dependent on wireless Internetaccess, and other concerns. If you're entering the computer worldas an older adult--and wondering about laptops--thisstraightforward, helpful book is for you.

Written in full color with lots of screenshots and clear,easy-to-read type, this friendly guide walks you through theprocess from start to finish: selecting which type of laptop isright for you (PC or Mac?), handling setup, safely adding wirelessInternet access, staying secure online, and much more.
* Provides guidance for purchasing your laptop, bringing it home,and setting up
* Walks you through all the various connections, buttons andswitches
* Shows you how to connect wirelessly at home and abroad,safely
* Delves into laptop accessories, whether you need them, and howto get the most out of them
* Addresses online security issues and how to stay safe
* Explores troubleshooting problems and how to save your preciousdata

Prepare properly, enjoy the freedom, and maybe even show thekids a thing or two with this fun and practical guide!

About the Author.

Publisher's Acknowledgements.

Icons used in this book.

Chapter 1 - Introduction.

How this book is structured.

Challenging old beliefs.

Challenging fears.

Part I - Getting your laptop.

Chapter 2 - Choosing the right laptop for you.

Choosing the computer size.

Where to get advice.

Choosing the type of computer.


Chapter 3 - Understanding laptop specifications.

The parts you can see and feel.

The parts you can't see.

Printer specifi cations.


Chapter 4 - Buying your laptop.

Setting your budget.

Shopping online for a laptop.

Finding a laptop in the shops.


Part II - Setup.

Chapter 5 - Buying broadband.

Choosing a broadband provider.

Buying your laptop in a package deal.


Chapter 6 - Bringing your laptop home.

Setting your laptop up at home.

Making sure everything works.

Deleting software.

Loading software.


Chapter 7 - Customising the Windows desktop.

Touring the desktop.

Control Panel.


Part III - Getting up and running.

Chapter 8 - Getting power to the people.

How your laptop uses power.

Using power management.

Getting plugged in.


Chapter 9 - Staying connected.

Wireless connections at home and away.

Finding and choosing a wireless network.

Alternatives to a wireless network.


Chapter 10 - Using your laptop'ssoftware.

Using Accessories.

Using word processing and spreadsheets.


Chapter 11 - Learning what you can do online.

Using email.

Using online search.

Finding videos, music and more online.


Chapter 12 - Preventing problems.

Preventing loss or theft.

Preventing damage.

Preventing freezes and slowdowns.

Preventing loss of data.


Part IV - Glossary.



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Autor: Bud E. Smith
ISBN-13 :: 9780470688830
ISBN: 0470688831
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
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