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The First Move

A Negotiator's Companion
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"Time management is essential for successful negotiations. Thisbook helps you do first things first."--Jeanne Brett, DeWitt W. Buchanan,Jr. Professor ofDispute Resolution and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management,and Director of the Dispute Resolution Research Center

"This book brings a breakthrough method to lead efficientnegotiations."
--Yann Duzert, Professor, Foundation Getulio Vargas,Brazil

"Even if you only implement 5% of this method, your clients willfind you more attentive to their needs."
--John Wong, Senior Partner, The Boston Consulting Group,Hong Kong Office

"A one-of-a-kind and most welcome companion for negotiators. Itoffers a learner-friendly distillation of tested ideas and goodpractices."
--Pierre Debaty, Head of the Brussels Training Office,European Parliament

"Drawing on their extensive experience in over 50 countries, theauthors provide the best of Anglo-Saxon and continental Europenegotiation approaches."
--AJR Groom, University of Kent at Canterbury

"Whether you negotiate abroad or in your home country, this bookis a must."
--Tetsushi Okumura, Professor, Nagoya City University,Graduate School of Economics

"Many former enemies started thinking and acting differentlyafter having integrated the principles of this book."
--Howard Wolpe, Special Advisor to the Africa Great Lakesregion, former Member of US Congress

"This negotiation method makes a difference for business andgovernment leaders, who want to act more responsibly."
--Theo Panayotou, Professor, Cyprus International Institutefor Management & Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Introduction Experimenting with a Renewed Methodbefore Resorting to Old Reflexes.

How to develop relevant responses for negotiation.

Chapter 1 Questioning before Negotiating.

How to move beyond an instinctive approach.

Chapter 2 Preparing Negotiations beforePerforming.

How to plan for process, problems, and people.

Chapter 3 Doing the Essential before theObvious.

How to deal with the process.

Chapter 4 Optimising Joint Value before DividingIt.

How to deal with the problem.

Chapter 5 Listening before Speaking.

How to deal with people (1) - activecommunication.

Chapter 6 Acknowledging Emotions beforeProblem-Solving.

How to deal with people (2) - the challenges.

Chapter 7 Deepening the Method before FacingComplexity.

How to manage negotiations in multilevel, multilateral andmulticultural contexts.

Chapter 8 Formalising the Agreement beforeConcluding.

How to reap the benefits of negotiation.

Conclusion Personalising your Theory beforePracticing.

How to continue to improve your negotiation skills.



ESSEC IRENE: Negotiators of the World.




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