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Fish and Aquatic Resources
Ecology, Fisheries and Conservation
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Seamounts are ubiquitous undersea mountains rising from the oceanseafloor that do not reach the surface. There are likely manyhundreds of thousands of seamounts, they are usually formed fromvolcanoes in the deep sea and are defined by oceanographers asindependent features that rise to at least 0.5 km above theseafloor, although smaller features may have the same origin.
This book follows a logical progression from geological andphysical processes, ecology, biology and biogeography, toexploitation, management and conservation concerns. In 21 Chapterswritten by 57 of the world's leading seamount experts, thebook reviews all aspects of their geology, ecology, biology,exploitation, conservation and management. In Section I of thisbook, several detection and estimation techniques for tallyingseamounts are reviewed, along with a history of seamountresearch.

This book represents a unique and fresh synthesis of knowledgeof seamounts and their biota and is an essential reference work onthe topic. It is an essential purchase for all fisheries scientistsand managers, fish biologists, marine biologists and ecologists,environmental scientists, conservation biologists andoceanographers. It will also be of interest to members of fish andwildlife agencies and government departments covering conservationand management.

Supplementary material is available
1 Seamount characteristics.

Paul Wessel.

2 How many seamounts are there and where are they located?.

Adrian Kitchingman, Sherman Lai, Telmo Morato and DanielPauly.

3 A history of seamount research.

Paul E. Brewin, Karen I. Stocks and Gui Menezes.

4 Physical processes and seamount productivity.

Martin White, Igor Bashmachnikov, Javier Arístegui and AnaMartins.

5 Seamount plankton dynamics.

Amatzia Genin and John F. Dower.

6 Midwater fish assemblages and seamounts.

Filipe M. Porteiro and Tracey Sutton.

7 Seamount benthos.

Sarah Samadi, Thomas Schlacher and Bertrand Richer deForges.

8 Corals on seamounts.

Alex D. Rogers, A. Baco, H. Griffiths, T. Hart and Jason M.Hall-Spencer.

9 Seamount fishes: ecology and life histories.

Telmo Morato and Malcolm R. Clark.

10 Fish visitors to seamounts.

Section A: Tunas and billfish at seamounts.

Kim N. Holland and R. Dean Grubbs.

Section B: Aggregations of large pelagic sharks aboveseamounts.

Feodor Litvinov.

11 Seamounts and cephalopods.

Malcolm Clarke.

12 Air-breathing visitors to seamounts.

Section A: Marine mammals.

Kristin Kaschner.

Section B: Sea turtles.

Marco A. Santos, Alan B. Bolten, Helen R. Martins, Brian Riewaldand Karen A. Bjorndal.

Section C: Importance of seamounts to seabirds.

David R. Thompson.

13 Biogeography and biodiversity of seamounts.

Karen I. Stocks and Paul J.B. Hart.

14 Raiding the larder: a quantitative evaluation framework andtrophic signature for seamount food webs.

Tony J. Pitcher and Cathy Bulman.

15 Modelling seamount ecosystems and their fisheries.

Beth Fulton, Telmo Morato and Tony J. Pitcher.

16 Small-scale fishing on seamounts.

Helder Marques da Silva and Mário Rui Pinho.

17 Large-scale distant-water trawl fisheries on seamounts.

Malcolm R. Clark, Vladimir I. Vinnichenko, John D.M. Gordon,Georgy Z. Beck-Bulat, Nikolai N. Kukharev and Alexander F.Kakora.

18 Catches from world seamount fisheries.

Reg Watson, Adrian Kitchingman and William Cheung.

19 Impacts of fisheries on seamounts.

Malcolm R. Clark and J. Anthony Koslow.

20 Management and conservation of seamounts.

P. Keith Probert, Sabine Christiansen, Kristina M. Gjerde, SusanGubbay and Ricardo S. Santos.

21 The depths of ignorance: an ecosystem evaluation frameworkfor seamount ecology, fisheries and conservation.

Tony J. Pitcher, Telmo Morato, Paul J.B. Hart, Malcolm R. Clark,Nigel Haggan and Ricardo S. Santos

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