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Autor: Franklin B. Saksena
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Color Atlas of Local and Systemic Manifestations of Cardiovascular Disease

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This brief guide to visual diagnosis helps the novice develop --and the veteran refresh -- crucial skills that can spare thepatient unnecessary testing and bring the physician one step closerto an accurate diagnosis.
Dr Saksena draws on his years of experience in teaching andtraining to show you the physical signs of cardiovascular diseasethat can be spotted by visual examination. For each sign, a colorphotograph is paired with explanatory text that:

* * describes the significant features of the sign

* explains its use in diagnosis

* identifies the likeliest causes

The book provides corroboration of physical signs and otherdiagnostic information whenever possible and offers extensivereferences for further study.

After an opening chapter on general observations, the authordescribes signs that can be found in the face, ear, mouth and nose,neck, hand, upper extremity, thorax and back, abdomen, and lowerextremity. An appendix covers rarer syndromes associated withcardiovascular disease.

Whether you are just developing your diagnostic skills or wantto be better able to identify signs of cardiovascular disease, youcan count on this atlas for dependable advice.
About the author.


Photographic credits.


Chapter 1 General observations.

Chapter 2 Face.

Chapter 3 Ear.

Chapter 4 Mouth and nose.

Chapter 5 Neck.

Chapter 6 Hand.

Chapter 7 Upper extremity.

Chapter 8 Thorax and back.

Chapter 9 Abdomen.

Chapter 10 Lower extremity.

Appendix: Rarer syndromes associated with.

cardiovascular disease.




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