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The Ethics of Genetic Commerce

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Our rapidly expanding genetic knowledge today points toward a nearfuture in which the elements of humanity closest to our moral coremay themselves be produced, manipulated, commodified, andexchanged.
* * Explores the moral and ethical concerns derived from anincreasing knowledge of genetics and the variety of its commercialapplications

* A major contribution to the emerging understanding of the rolethat ethics will play in genetic commerce

* Written by experts from the academic and corporate sector, withdiverse backgrounds in business, social science, andphilosophy

* Addresses a range of relevant issues, including geneticscreening, the use of individual's genetic information, therise of genetically modified foods, patenting, pharmaceuticalmergers and monopolization, and the implications of genetic testingon non-human mammals

Part I: Genetic Screening.

1. Is a Genetics Screening Program for Job Applicants Ethical?An Analysis of the Conditions Necessary for Required GeneticScreenings in the Hiring Process (Thomas Harter).

2. The Business of Genetic Screening (Duane Windsor).

3. Genetic Commerce: The Challenges for Human ResourceManagement (Karen S. Markel and Lizabeth A. Barclay).

4. Geneticize Me! The Case for Direct-to-Consumer GeneticTesting (Ronald Munson).

5. Proscription, Prescription, or Market Process? Comments onGenetic Screening (Eugene Heath).

Part II: Genetically Modified Foods.

6. Transgenic Organisms, the European Union, and the World TradeOrganization(Dennis Cooley).

7. Commercialization of the Agrarian Ideal and Arguments againstthe New "Green Revolution: Feeding the World with"Frankenfoods"? (Johann A. Klaasen).

8. Corporate Decisions about GM Food Labeling (ChrisMacDonald and Melissa Whellams).

9. Moral Imagination, Stakeholder Engagement, and GeneticallyModified Organisms (Denis Arnold).

Part III: Corporate Governance and Genetic Commerce.

10. Who Owns My Ideas About Your Body? (Asher Meir).

11. Pharmaceutical Mergers and Genetic Technology: A ProblematicCombination (Michael Potts).

12. Stakeholder Care Theory: The Case of Genetic Engineering(Jamie R. Hendry).

13. Unresolved Issues and Further Questions: Meir, Potts andHendry (Laura Hartman)

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Autor: Robert Kolb
ISBN-13 :: 9780470691670
ISBN: 0470691670
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 240
Sprache: Englisch
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