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Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology

Blackwell Handbooks of Social Psychology
Intergroup Processes
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This volume will provide an authoritative, state of the artoverview of the field of intergroup processes. The volume isdivided into nine major sections on cognition, motivation, emotion,communication and social influence, changing intergroup relations,social comparison, self-identity, methods and applications.
* * Provides an authoritative, state of the art overview of thefield of intergroup processes.

* Divided into nine major sections on cognition, motivation,emotion, communication and social influence, changing intergrouprelations, social comparison, self-identity, methods andapplications.

* Written by leading researchers in the field.

* Referenced throughout and include post-chapter annotatedbibliographies so readers can access original research articles inorder to further their study.

* Now available in full text online via xreferplus, theaward-winning reference library on the web from xrefer. For moreinformation, visit
Series Editors' Preface.



Part I: Sociocognitive Processes.

1.The Root of all Evil in Intergroup Relations? Unearthing theCategorization Process. (Penelope Oakes).

2. Stereotypes: Content, Structures, Processes, and Context.(Don Operatio and Susan T. Fiske).

3. Category Dynamics and the Modification of OutgroupStereotypes. (Myron Rothbart).

4. Developmental and Socialization Influences on IntergroupBias. (Frances E. Aboud and Maria Amato).

Part II: Motivation.

5. Social Orientations in the Minimal Group Paradigm. (RichardY. Bourhis and André Gagnon).

6. Aversive Discrimination. (Amélie Mummendey and SabineOtten).

7.The Social Identity Perspective in Intergroup Relations:Theories, Themes and Controversies. (John C. Turner and KatherineJ. Reynolds).

8. Affect as a Cause of Intergroup Bias. (David Wilder andAndrew F. Simon).

Part III: Prejudice.

9. Implicit and Explicit Attitudes: Examination of theRelationship between Measures of Intergroup Bias. (John F. Dovidio,Kerry Kawakami, and Kelly R. Beach).

10. Classic and Contemporary Analysis of Racial Prejudice.(Patricia G. Devine, E. Ashby Plant, and Irene V. Blair).

11. Sexism: Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviours. (Janet K. Swimand Bernadette Campbell).

12. Psychological Consequences of Devalued Identities. (JenniferCrocker and Diane M. Quinn).

Part IV: Language and Influence.

13. How Language Contributes to Persistence of Stereotypes aswell as other, more general, Intergroup Issues. (Klaus Fiedler andJeannette Schmid).

14. Social Influence in an Intergroup Context. (Diane M. Mackieand Crystal L. Wright).

Part V: Social Comparison.

15. The Social Psychology of Minority-Majority Relations. (BerndSimon, Birgit Aufderheide, and Claudia Kampmeier).

16. The Impact of Relative Group Status: Affective, Perceptualand Behavioural Consequences. (Naomi Ellemers and ManuelaBarreto.

17. Social Justice. Tom R. Tyler).

Part VI: Cultural Influence.

18. Culture and its Implications for Intergroup Behaviour.(Harry C. Triandis and David Trafimow).

19. Acculturation. (Karmela Liebkind).

Part VII: Changing Intergroup Relations.

20. Strategic Collective Action. Social Psychology and SocialChange. (Stephen C. Wright).

21.Trust and Intergroup Negotiation. (Roderick M. Kramer andPeter J. Carnevale).

22. Toward Reduction of Prejudice. Intergroup Contact and SocialCategorization. (Marilynn B. Brewer and Samuel L Gaertner).

Part VIII: Applications.

23. When and How School Desegregation Improves IntergroupRelations. (Janet W. Schofield and Rebecca Eurich-Fulcer).

24. Addressing and Redressing Discrimination: Affirmative Actionin Social Psychological Perspective. (Faye J. Crosby, Bernardo M.Ferdman, and Blanche R. Wingate).

25. Intergroup Relations and National and InternationalRelations. (Thomas F. Pettigrew).


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