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Philosophical Skepticism

Blackwell Readings in Philosophy
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Philosophical Skepticism provides a selection of texts drawn from the skeptical tradition of Western philosophy as well as texts written by opponents of skepticism. Taken together with the historical introduction by Landesman and Meeks, these texts clearly illustrate the profound influence that skeptical stances have had on the nature of philosophical inquiry.* Draws a selection of texts from the skeptical tradition of Western philosophy as well as texts written by opponents of skepticism.
* Spans centuries of skeptical and anti-skeptical arguments, from Socrates to Rorty.
* Includes essays by Plato, Cicero, Diogenes Laertius, Descartes, Hume, Kant, Kierkegaard, Russell, Quine, Nagel, and many others.
* Provides a solid foundation for further study.


Part I: Global Skepticism:.

1. From Apology: Plato.

2. From Pyrrho: Diogenes Laertius.

3. From Academica: Cicero.

4. From Outlines of Pyrrhonism: Sextus Empiricus.

5. "Meditation I": René Descartes.

6. From An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding: DavidHume.

7. From The View from Nowhere: Thomas Nagel.

8. "A Defense of Skepticism": Peter Unger.

Part II: Skeptical Topics:.


9. "The Refutation of Realism": W. T. Stace.

10. From "Proof of an External World": G. E. Moore.

11. From Sense and Sensibilia: J. L. Austin.


12. From The Theory of Probability: Hans Reichenbach.

13. "Reliabilism and Induction": Michael Levin.

Other Minds.

14. "Other Minds": Thomas Nagel.

15. "Analogy": Bertrand Russell.

16. "Knowledge of Other Minds": Norman Malcolm.

Self Knowledge.

17. "Meditation II": René Descartes.

18. "Of Personal Identity": David Hume.

19. From "The Paralogisms of Pure Reason": Immanuel Kant.

20. From Beyond Good and Evil: Friedrich Nietzsche.

21. From Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus: LudwigWittgenstein.

Religious Belief.

22. From "Apology for Raymond Sebond": Michel de Montaigne.

23. From Pensées: Blaise Pascal.

24. "Of Miracles": David Hume.

25. From Concluding Unscientific Postscript: SorenKierkegaard.

Part III: Responses and Reactions:.

26. "Meditation VI": René Descartes.

27. From The Forced Marriage: Jean-BaptisteMolière.

28. From A Treatise of Human Nature: David Hume.

29. From Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man: ThomasReid.

30. From Prolegomena and Critique of Pure Reason:Immanuel Kant.

31. From Being and Time: Martin Heidegger.

32. From "Two Dogmas of Empiricism" and "EpistemologyNaturalized": W. V. Quine.

33. "Solidarity or Objectivity": Richard Rorty.


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