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Companion to Social Archaeology

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The Companion to Social Archaeology is the first scholarlywork to explore the encounter of social theory and archaeology overthe past two decades.
* * Grouped into four sections - Knowledges, Identities, Places,and Politics - each of which is prefaced with a review essay thatcontextualizes the history and developments in social archaeologyand related fields.

* Draws together newer trends that are challenging establishedways of understanding the past.

* Includes contributions by leading scholars who instigated majortheoretical trends.
List of Figures.

Notes on Contributors.

Part I: Knowledges:.

1. The "Social" in Archaeological Theory: AnHistorical and Contemporary Perspective: Ian Hodder (StandfordUniversity).

2. Cross-Cultural Comparison and Archaeological Theory: Bruce G.Trigger (McGill University).

3. Social Archaeology and Marxist Social Thought: Thomas C.Patterson (University of California, Riverside).

4. Embodied Subjectivity: Gender, Femininity, Masculinity,Sexuality: Rosemary A. Joyce (University of California,Berkeley).

5. Social Archaeology and Origins Research: A PaleolithicPerspective: Clive Gamble and Erica Gittins (Both at the Universityof Southampton).

Part II: Identities:.

6. Archaeology and the Life Course: A Time and Age for Gender:Roberta Gilchrist (University of Reading).

7. The Past and Foreign Countries: Colonial and Post-ColonialArchaeology and Anthropology: Chris Gosden (Pitt Rivers Museum,University of Oxford).

8. Material Culture: Current Problems: Victor Buchli (UniversityCollege, London).

9. Ideology, Power, and Capitalism: The Historical Archaeologyof Consumption: Paul R. Mullins (Indiana University-PurdueUniversity, Indianapolis).

Part III: Places:.

10. Space, Spatiality, and Archaeology: Emma Blake (StanfordUniversity).

11. Social Archaeologies of Landscape: Wendy Ashmore (Universityof California, Riverside).

12. Living and Working at Home: The Social Archaeology ofHousehold Production and Social Relations: Julia A. Hendon(Gettysburg College).

13. Diaspora and Identity in Archaeology: Moving beyond theBlack Atlantic: Ian Lilley (University of Queensland).

Part IV: Politics:.

14. The Political Economy of Archaeological Practice and theProduction of Heritage in the Middle East: Reinhard.

Bernbeck and Susan Pollock (Both at: State University of NewYork, Binghamton).

15. Latin American Archaeology: From Colonialism ToGlobalization: Gustavo Politis (CONICET-UNCPBA, Argentina) andJosé Antonio Perez Gollán (CONICET-Universidad de BuenosAires, Argentina).

16. Contested Pasts: Archaeology and Native Americans: RandallH. McGuire (Binghamton University).

17. Identity, Modernity, and Archaeology: The Case of Japan:Koji Mizoguchi (Kyushu University, Japan).


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