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New Perspectives on the Past
The Politics of Enchantmant
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From despots to powerless figureheads, and from the Neolithic erato the present, this book traces the history of kingship around theworld and the tenacity of its connection with the sacred.
* Considers the many forms that kingship took during this period,including: the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt; the emperors of Japan;the Maya rulers of Mesoamerica; the medieval popes and emperors;and the English and French monarchs of early modern Europe

* Explores the panoply of governing roles that kingship involved- administrative, military, judicial, economic, religious andsymbolic - but focussing on its connection with thesacred.

* Draws on the insights of cultural anthropology and comparativereligion, as well as the on the resources provided byhistorians.
List of Illustrations.

Series Editor's Preface.


Prologue: Matters of Perspective.

1. Gate of the Gods: Archaic and Global Patterns of CosmicKingship.

2. Royal Saviors and Shepherds: Hellenistic, Roman, Biblical,and Qur'ânic views of Kingship.

3. The Eusebian Accommodation: Christian Rulership in ImperialRome, Byzantium, and Russia.

4. The Carolingian Accommodation: Christian Rulership in theGermanic Successor Kingdoms of Western Europe.

5. Sacral Kingship in Medieval and Early-Modern Europe: Papal,Imperial, National.

6. The Fading Nimbus: Modern Kingship and its Fate in aDisenchanted World.

Epilogue: Survivals and Revivals.


Suggestions for Further Reading.


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Autor: Francis Oakley
ISBN-13 :: 9780470692899
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Seiten: 208
Sprache: Englisch
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