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Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policy

Contested Choices
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Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policy: Contested Choices offers a comprehensive analysis of the ethical problems associated with basing environmental policy on economic analysis, and ways to overcome these problems.
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Part I: Introduction.

1. Contested Choices. (Jouni Paavola and Daniel W. Bromley).

Part II: Economics, Ethics, and Policy Choices.

2. Are Choices Trade-offs? (Alan Holland).

3. The Ignorance Argument: What Must We Know to Be Fair to theFuture? (Bryan Norton).

4. Benefit-Cost Considerations Should Be Decisive When There isNothing More Important at Stake. (Alan Randall).

5. Environmental Policy as the Process of Reasonable Valuing.(Juha Hiedanpaa and Daniel W. Bromley).

Part III: Ethical Concerns and Policy Goals.

6. Rethinking the Choice and Performance of EnvironmentalPolicies. (Jouni Paavola).

7. What to Do with Inconsistent, Non-Welfaristic and UndevelopedPreferences? (Olof Johansson-Stenman).

8. Awkward Choices: Economics and Nature Conservation. (NickHanley and Jason Shogren).

Part IV: Ethical Dimensions of Policy Consequences.

9. All Policy Instruments Require A Moral Choice as to WhoseInterests Count. (Allan Schmid).

10. Efficient or Fair: Ethical Paradoxes in EnvironmentalPolicy. (Arild Vatn).

11. Trading with the Enemy: Examining North-South Perspectivesin the Climate Change Debate. (Bhaskar Vira).

12. Social Costs and Sustainability. (Martin O'Connor).

Part V: Ethics in Aaction: Emperical Analysis.

13. Empirical Signs of Ethical Concern in Economic Valuation ofthe Environment. (Clive Spash).

14. Motivating Existence Values: The Many and Varied Sources ofthe Stated WTP for Endangered Species. (Andreas Kontoleon andTimothy Swanson).

15. Environmental and Ethical Dimensions of the Provision of aBasic Need: Water and Sanitation Services in East Africa. (NickJohnstone , John Thompson , Munguti Katui-Katua , Mark Mujwajuzi ,James Tumwine , Elizabeth Wood , and Ina Porras).

Part VI: Conclusions.

16. Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policy. (Daniel W.Bromley and Jouni Paavola).


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Autor: Daniel W. Bromley
ISBN-13 :: 9780470692929
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Seiten: 304
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