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Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries

Fisheries, Volume 2
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Recent decades have witnessed strong declines in fish stocks aroundthe globe, amid growing concerns about the impact of fisheries onmarine and freshwater biodiversity. Fisheries biologists andmanagers are therefore increasingly asking about aspects ofecology, behaviour, evolution and biodiversity that weretraditionally studied by people working in very separate fields.This has highlighted the need to work more closely together, inorder to help ensure future success both in management andconservation.
The Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries has beenwritten by an international team of scientists and practitioners,to provide an overview of the biology of freshwater and marine fishspecies together with the science that supports fisheriesmanagement and conservation.

This volume, subtitled Fisheries, focuses on a wide rangeof topics, including the history of fisheries science, methods ofcapture, marketing, economics, major models used in stockassessments and forecasting, ecosystem impacts, marine protectedareas and conservation. It builds on material in Volume 1, FishBiology, which ranges from phylogenetics and biogeography tophysiology, recruitment, life histories, genetics, foraging,reproductive behaviour and community ecology.

Together, these books present the state of the art in ourunderstanding of fish biology and fisheries and will serve asvaluable references for undergraduates and graduates looking for acomprehensive source on a wide variety of topics in fisheriesscience. They will also be useful to researchers who needup-to-date reviews of topics that impinge on their fields, anddecision makers who need to appreciate the scientific backgroundfor management and conservation of aquatic ecosystems.

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* * Provides a unique overview of the study of fish biology andecology, and the assessment and management of fish populations andecosystems.

* The first volume concentrates on aspects of fish biology andecology, both at the individual and population levels, whilst thesecond volume addresses the assessment and management of fishpopulations and ecosystems.

* Written by an international team of expert scientists andpractitioners.

* An invaluable reference tool for both students, researchers andpractitioners working in the fields of fish biology andfisheries.
1. The Human Dimension Of Fisheries Science: (P. J. B. Hart And J.D. Reynolds).

2. Fish Capture Devices In Industrial And Artisanal FisheriesAnd Their Influence On Management (O. A. Misund, J. Kolding and P.Freon).

3. Marketing Fish (J. A. Young And J. F. Muir).

4. A History Of Fisheries And Their Science And Management (T.D. Smith).

5. Gathering Data For Resource Monitoring And FisheriesManagement (D. Evans and R. Grainger).

6. Surplus Production Models (J. T. Schnute And L.Richards).

7. Dynamic Pool Models I: Interpreting The Past Using VirtualPopulation Analysis (J. G. Shepherd And J. G. Pope).

8. Dynamic Pool Models II: Short-Term And Long-Term Forecasts OfCatch And Biomass (J. G. Shepherd And J. G. Pope).

9. A Bumpy Old Road: Size-Based Methods In Fisheries Assessment(T. J. Pitcher).

10. Ecosystem Models (D. Pauly And V. Christensen).

11. Individual-Based Models (G. Huse, J. Giske And A. G. V.Salvanes).

12. The Economics Of Fisheries (R. Hannesson).

13. Choosing The Best Model For Fisheries Assessment (P. SparreAnd P. J. B. Hart).

14. Marine Protected Areas, Fish And Fisheries (N. V. C.Polunin).

15. Exploitation And Other Threats To Fish Conservation (J. D.Reynolds, N. K. Dulvy And C. M. Roberts).

16. Ecosystem Effects Of Fishing (M. J. Kaiser And S.Jennings).

17. Recreational Fishing (I. G. Cowx)

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