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Applying Psychology to Forensic Practice

Forensic Practice series
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This book illustrates the wide variety of applications ofpsychology to the criminal and civil justice system.
* * Illustrates the wide variety of applications of psychology tothe criminal and civil justice system.

* Gives examples of how forensic psychology can benefit not onlyfrom clinical and criminological approaches, but also from theinsights of occupational, cognitive, developmental and socialpsychology.

* Many of the chapters introduce readers to areas which have notreceived extensive coverage elsewhere.

* Includes new directions in forensic practice.

* Chapters draw out the implications for professionals working inthe field.

* Contributors include both academics and practitioners.

* Reflects both the scope and the potential of forensicpsychology.
List of Contributors.

Series Editors' Preface.


Section I: Working with Offenders; Analysis andIntervention.

1. The Offender's Perspective on Crime: Methods andPrinciples in Data Collection: Claire Nee.

2. The Community and Family Context in Understanding JuvenileCrime: Mark Wilson.

3. Offence Paralleling Behaviour (OPB) as a Framework forAssessment and Interventions with Offenders: Lawrence Jones.

4. Risk Assessment: David Crighton.

5. The Management of Difficult Clients: Ruby Bell and SueEvershed.

6. Intellectual Disabilities and Crime: Issues iIn Assessment,Intervention and Management: William R. Lindsay, Jacqueline Law andFiona MacLeod.

Section 2: Working with Criminal Justice Personnel.

7. Violent Police-Suspect Encounters: the Impact ofEnvironmental Stressors on the Use of Lethal Force: Aldert Vrij andJo Barton.

8. Enhancing Eyewitness Memory: Developments in Theory andPractice: Pam Newlands.

9. Occupational Stress and the Criminal Justice Practitioner:Jennifer Brown.

10. The Contribution of Job Simulation Assessment Centres toOrganizational Development in HM Prison Service: Keith Baxter,Kirstin Davis, Eliot Franks and Sonia Kitchen.

11. Design and Evaluation of Training: David Boag.

12. Facilitating Multi-disciplinary Teams: Adrian Needs and JoCapelin.

13. Applied Psychological Services in HM Prison Service and theNational Probation Service: Graham Towl.


Appendix: Revolving Doors Agency.


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Autor: Adrian Needs
ISBN-13 :: 9780470693186
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