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A Concise Companion to American Fiction, 1900 - 1950

Concise Companions to Literature and Culture
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An authoritative guide to American literature, thisCompanion examines the experimental forms, socio-culturalchanges, literary movements, and major authors of the early 20thcentury. This Companion provides authoritative andwide-ranging guidance on early twentieth-century American fiction.
* * Considers commonly studied authors such as Faulkner,Fitzgerald, and Hemingway, alongside key texts of the period byRichard Wright, Charles Chesnutt, Zora Neale Hurston, and AnziaYezierska

* Examines how the works of these diverse writers have beeninterpreted in their own day and how current readings have expandedour understanding of their cultural and literary significance

* Covers a broad range of topics, including the First and SecondWorld Wars, literary language differences, author celebrity, theurban landscape, modernism, the Jazz Age, the Great Depression,regionalism, and African-American fiction

* Gives students the contextual information necessary forformulating their own critiques of classic American fiction
Notes on Contributors vii

Chronology xi

Acknowledgments xviii

Introduction 1

1 Turning the Century 17
Michael A. Elliott and Jennifer A. Hughes

2 Women and Modernity 37
Jennifer L. Fleissner

3 Queer Modernity and Lesbian Representation 57
Kathryn R. Kent

4 Markets and "Gatekeepers" 77
Loren Glass

5 Manhood, Modernity, and Crime Fiction 94
David Schmid

6 American Sentences: Terms, Topics, and Techniques in Stylistic Analysis 113
Paul Simpson and Donald E. Hardy

7 The Great Gatsby as Mobilization Fiction: Rethinking Modernist Prose 132
Keith Gandal

8 Modernism's History of the Dead 158
Michael Szalay

9 The Radical 1930s 186
Alan M. Wald

10 Racial Uplift and the Politics of African American Fiction 205
Gene Andrew Jarrett

11 The Modernism of Southern Literature 228
Florence Dore

12 Cosmopolis 253
Mary Esteve

13 Other Modernisms 275
John Carlos Rowe

Index 295

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