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Autor: John Milbank
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Theology and Social Theory

Beyond Secular Reason
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This is a revised edition of John Milbank's masterpiece,which sketches the outline of a specifically theological socialtheory.
* The Times Higher Education Supplement wrote of the firstedition that it was "a tour de force of systematic theology.It would be churlish not to acknowledge its provocation andbrilliance".
* Featured in The Church Times "100 Best ChristianBooks"
* Brings this classic work up-to-date by reviewing thedevelopment of modern social thought.
* Features a substantial new introduction by Milbank, clarifyingthe theoretical basis for his work.
* Challenges the notion that sociological critiques of theologyare 'scientific'.
* Outlines a specifically theological social theory, and in doingso, engages with a wide range of thinkers from Plato toDeleuze.
* Written by one of the world's most influentialcontemporary theologians and the author of numerous books.
Acknowledgements for the First Edition.

Preface to the Second Edition.


Part I: Theology and Liberalism:.

1. Political Theology and the New Science of Politics.

2. Political Economy as Theodicy and Agonistics.

Part II: Theology and Positivism:.

3. Sociology I: From Malebranche to Durkheim.

4. Sociology II: From Kant to Weber.

5. Policing the Sublime: A Critique of the Sociology ofReligion.

Part III: Theology and Dialectics:.

6. For and Against Hegel.

7. For and Against Marx.

8. Founding the Supernatural: Political and Liberation Theologyin the Context of Modern Catholic Thought.

Part IV: Theology and Difference:.

9. Science, Reality and Power.

10. Ontological Violence or, The Post-Modern Problematic.

11. Difference of Virtue, Virtue of Difference.

12. The Other City: Theology as a Social Science.

Index of Names.

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Autor: John Milbank
ISBN-13 :: 9780470693315
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 480
Sprache: Englisch
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