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Autor: Andrew S. Clarke
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Wealth of Experience

Real Investors on What Works and What Doesn't
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Practical advice for investors from investorsPresenting a fresh approach to investment guidance, Wealth ofExperience is built on real investors' stories about what hasworked-and what hasn't worked-for them during their personalinvestment journeys. The Vanguard Group, one of the world's mostrespected investment companies, asked hundreds of investors whohave succeeded in accumulating real wealth to explain how they'vegone about it. Their personal accounts make this a one-in-a-kindbook with extraordinary insights on saving, investing, and managingmoney from "ordinary investors" for their peers. Wealth ofExperience has straightforward, battle-tested advice on investingfor retirement, learning about finance, and managing money. Theinvaluable guidance from experienced fellow investors can helpreaders avoid major financial pitfalls and learn from mistakesothers have made. Vanguard's research confirmed its long-heldbelief that individual investors-sometimes derided on Wall Streetas unsophisticated-are a savvy and capable group. This book provesthat their collective wisdom is as valuable as any "expert"advice.
The Vanguard Group (based in Valley Forge, PA) is the world'ssecond-largest mutual fund company with 15 million shareholders and$600 billion in assets under management. Vanguard pioneeredlow-cost index mutual funds, and distinguished itself as a championof superior client service and low investor costs. Andrew Clarke isa senior financial writer at The Vanguard Group. Before joiningVanguard, he worked for Morningstar, Inc., the investment researchfirm. Mr. Clarke is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Jack Brennan isthe Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Vanguard Group. Agraduate of Dartmouth College, Mr. Brennan received a master'sdegree in business administration from Harvard Business School.
Foreword vii

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1: Save Your Money 1

Chapter 2: Plan for the Future 15

Chapter 3: Learn the Secrets of Success 31

Chapter 4: Diversify Your Assets 49

Chapter 5: Select Your Investments 71

Chapter 6: Avoid Self-Destructive Moves 91

Chapter 7: Assess Your Progress 109

Chapter 8: Keep Your Costs Low 125

Chapter 9: Be Smart About Taxes 139

Chapter 10: Create Your Investing Legacy 155

Chapter 11: Adopt Productive Habits and Attitudes 175

Chapter 12: Follow the Eight Commandments 187

Notes 193

Glossary 197

Index 211

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Autor: Andrew S. Clarke
ISBN-13 :: 9780471473398
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Seiten: 218
Sprache: Englisch
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