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Autor: Perry J. Kaufman
ISBN-13: 9780471473411
Einband: E-Book
Seiten: 336
Sprache: Englisch
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A Short Course in Technical Trading

Wiley Trading Series
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Learn to trade using technical analysis, market indicators, simpleportfolio analysis, generally successful trading techniques, andcommon sense with this straightforward, accessible book.Essentially a course in making money, A Short Course in TechnicalTrading teaches proven long- and short-term trading techniques(with an emphasis on short-term), covering basic indicators and howyou can best use them to your advantage.
The book includes a trading game so you can trade along with thelessons, posing likely problems that you'll encounter once tradingbegins. As trading becomes more complicated, so do theproblems..

You'll get a running start as a trader with usage tips on themost popular trading tools. A Short Course in Technical Trading isunlike any other book on the market and is available at aconvenient low price.
Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

1. Timing Is Everything 1

2. Charting the Trend 18

3. Breakout Trends 36

4. Calculating the Trend 51

5. The Trading Game 78

6. Channels and Bands 91

7. Event-Driven Trends 107

8. Controlling the Risk of a Trade 118

9. One-Day Chart Patterns and Reversals 130

10. Continuation Patterns 145

11. Top and Bottom Formations 153

12. Retracements, Reversals, Fibonacci Numbers, and Gann 167

13. Volume, Breadth, and Open Interest 180

14. Momentum and MACD 199

15. Overbought/Oversold Indicators and Double Smoothing 213

16. Managing Your Entry and Exit 235

17. Volatility and Portfolio Management 243

18. Dow Theory 262

Review Questions 275

Answers to Chapter Questions 287

Review Answers 307

Index 317

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Autor: Perry J. Kaufman
ISBN-13 :: 9780471473411
ISBN: 0471473413
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 336
Sprache: Englisch
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